Here are a few classic toast themes and associated quotes. You can use’em or make your own.

A toast to Health, Life & Longevity:

“I’ll drink to your happiness and to your health, I’ll drink until I ruin myself”.

A toast to Togetherness, Friendship & Love:

“Let us always be friends, or at least until this bottle ends”.

A toast to Happiness & Freedom:

“Here’s to being happy and free, and to a glass that’s never empty”.
“May you seek happiness and prevail, and if not, never admit to fail”.

A toast to Thankfulness, Appreciation & Honor:

“The wine in my glass is evidence too that none of this could happen without you”.

A toast to Drinking, Letting Loose & Letting Go:

“Love may come and love may go and wine will always be there to soothe the blow”.
“Together we’ll make a space in the world to belong where the music is loud and the wine is strong”.