The first half of 2011 was outstanding, and saw lots of new approaches, customers and experience. The visibility of the company increased to a point where everyone knew the company. We even invented an entirely new promotion approach that is still used by many.

The second half of 2011, however, turned sour. The powerful government lobby applied so much pressure on the company that sales literally stopped, worsened by proliferating fines and contract terminations for undisclosed reasons; this meant the financial situation also drastically changed. In addition, Mr Seigner’s business partner existed the company in late 2011 and needed to compensated, which was a difficult task in the light of the situation at the time. His business partner’s last words were, “There’s nothing we can do and we’ve gone bust, I am leaving the company and need you to pay out my share, but if you ever make it, I would be happy to be your business partner again.” Money needed to be borrowed to repay the debts as the company was owned by David Seigner. By the end of December, he was the only one left in the company, with no products or office space and in serious debt.