The beginning of the year was not very peaceful and quiet, but just the opposite. We received many offers from luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and boutique stores for potential cooperation. Sales network began to expand along with the good name of “Ugloft” family. Since our production is limited, we have selected you among our most luxurious partners. In 2017, you can expect us in elite locations in Belgrade, Budva and Vienna.

The second half of the year was dedicated to promotion of the Ugloft family through social networks. We have received great interest from cities of Belgrade, Saint Petersburg, Vienna, NY etc. We connected with many celebrities, portals, bloggers, vloggers etc. and successfully started to cooperate. The famous LLSM “Luxury Life Style Magazine” has become a part of us since they are presenting “Ugloft” and regularly publish and share our articles. We would give the highest grade to 2016. It was a busy year, full of surprises and ups which gives us great prospects for 2017.