Benečanka – Casa Veneziana is the most iconic house in Piran. Once red, the beautiful lightly brick colored house is one of the oldest monuments in Piran. It has now become one of the most romantic houses to stay in – you can reserve your stay for around 290 € per two nights minimum. In it, you will find a prestige crystal store, where you can get yourself a glass of premium Slovenian sparkling wines and drink it on the historic balcony, that has almost a Romeo and Juliet vibe about it.

The story

The house was built in 15. Century. The most unique thing about it is the stone plaque that has Lasa pur dir written on it. When people saw what was written on it, they’ve started to wonder about the story behind it. Legend says it was built out of love. There was a rich family Del Bello and they’ve had a son that was a very successful venetian merchant. He fell in love with a simple girl from Piran, called Margareta. She came from a poor family and people started talking about them not being suitable for each other. Del Bello had to travel a lot, so he couldn’t see Margareta as much and people didn’t have anything good to say about it. That is why he has decided to build her a house, where she could wait for him on the most beautiful balcony in Piran. On the front of the building he put the stone plaque that says Lasa pur dir which means let them talk, so that he could tell people what he thought about them talking about his love. What a love story!


The offer

On the piano nobile they offer prestige crystal from Rogaška Slatina and many different Slovenian sparkling wines. The newest addition to their wines is RP&B, our sparkling wine, which was maturing in the Adriatic sea. Each bottle is a work of art and it’s carefully put inside a clay amphora. We believe there are no words to describe the wine taste.

Visit Benečanka and taste it for yourself.