Measurements: 240 mm x 240 mm x 240 mm
Weight: 128 g
Material: brass and gold
Gold: 24-carat gold (1 micron)
CNC: The cubes are made from brass with a CNC machine template.
Foundry technician: Manually polishes the edges and preforms finishing workafter the CNC phase.
Engraving: Engraving as per the template and the boring of hole.
Finishing: Manual polishing, degreasing and washing.
Galvanisation: The cube is cleaned, polished, degreased and washed in saltwater. After drying, the cube is lowered into a nickel bath, followed by a gold bath.
Colour: gold
Place of origin: Germany



External fe.: 150mm
External height: 100mm
Production: hand made
Zipper: shiny gold
Type of leather: sky
Firm of leather: Versace
Color: black and gray
Fabric color: shiny black
Firm of fabric: Versace
Stitching: hand made
Style stitching: the old way