Liquid gold? That is “ANUSHKA”

ANUSHKA is a fine sparkling wine. Produced using the traditional method with secondary fermentation in the bottle, then maturing for at least 36 months. This production type is the same as the French “Champagne” process and is called the Traditional Method.

The grapes are picked and pressed, then cellared for 7 months. After primary fermentation, sugar and yeast is added to the wine (liqueur de tirage); it is then left to ferment for 2 months. During this process, the atmosphere in the bottle goes up to 6.50 bar. The wine is then first cellared for at least a further three years using yeast. During the last months of cellaring, the bottle is shaken using the remuage procedure; before the wine is handed over to the client, the yeast is removed using the disgorgement process. Finally, a liqueur d’expédition is added. The modern wine production method is not well-suited for the ancient grapevine, meaning that the old rustic method of production must be adhered to very closely.

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