It was the year 1888. There have already passed several days fighting the mite “Acarina” which destroyed all the grapes intended for wine production at Viktor’s homestead. After a few dozen working days, at dinner, Viktor told his family the devastating news. They all quietly stared at the table and the room was filled with suspense. That night in grief and awareness of the current situation and the upcoming tragedy, Viktor got drunk and fell asleep. He dreamt of the spirit of his father, who comforted him and said: “My dear son, this is a sweet concern”.

In the morning he went to a friend who lived across the valley, and he told him, that he does not know how the family is going to survive, because he has no more grapes. The friend gave him a hand and he donated some of his exquisite flower honey to him and said: “Viktor, I hope this will help at least a little.” He took some of the clay pots home, constantly thinking about his dreams, because he couldn’t grasp the fact if he was actually dreaming or he really did see his father.

When the freezing December temperatures got below zero and the life supplies were gone, he looked up into the sky and shouted: “How can I make a sparkling wine, if I don’t have any grapes!” He got no answer, so he thought to himself:”we’re moving tomorrow!” He took a pollen and he threw it into a wall. The pollen crashed into many pieces all around the room and he made a terrible mess.

The next morning was cold as usual, but the sky was clear and the wind wasn’t blowing. Viktor went into the cellar to clean up yesterday’s mess and start packing the most urgent things for the departure. He noticed that he had broken the clay pots with the pollen. There was yeast in the pots because he had prepared it for the process of making wine. He got a strange feeling when he picked up the last pot. He thought that the honey was a little less hard than the usual, so he looked inside the pot. He saw fermentation. The exact same fermentation he had known for years. The fermentation of grapes with yeast. Viktor was petrified and he couldn’t stop looking at it. He stepped into the house and said:”we’re not going to move today.” Silently, he went into the cellar. The family members were speechless.

After some time Viktor took a bottle in his hand and he went to see his friend, the bees keeper. When he stepped inside the house, he couldn’t stop talking about the mead. His surprised friend asked him:”Viktor, are you saying, that you’ve made a sparkling wine from my honey?!” And Viktor answered:”That’s correct! A sparkling wine from honey, without grapes, just honey, water and yeast.”

So that’s how Viktor managed to save his family from a tragedy. Every day, he remembered the ghost of his father, who visited him in his dreams. He remembered his words: “My dear son, this is a sweet concern!” That is how the problem became a beautiful mead, which Viktor decided to call GHOST.

Now we’re already the fourth generation with this family tradition. Our mission is to make people feel like they are as luxurious as the drink of their choice.