When selecting business partners, we are particularly demanding because our products are unique are made of the highest quality with an emphasis on manual work and limited quantitiesSwarovski has become our partner as it strives to similar business policy, moreover, it is globally recognized and respected brand. The major part of the success of brand Ugloft belongs to materials as they represent the top quality. Therefore, we became partners and started to use their materials for our products.

Swarovski produces crystals of the finest quality. The company’s name has become synonymous with genuine crystal. Swarovski’s specialized manufacturing processes, together with the highest quality raw materials, guarantee the highest possible degree of precision, component quality, consistency, and unmatched brilliance. Swarovski crystal is produced at the companyís traditional production plant in Wattens, Austria, where each crystal is subject to the most stringent quality controls. The exact recipe and the proportion of quartzes, sand, and minerals remain a company secret that is part of the legacy of pioneer Daniel Swarovski to his three sons. Find more information about Swarovski crystal, the company, or its history.