Wine variety: 80,00 % Chardonnay, 10,00% Gewürztraminer, 10,00% Sauvignon
Production method: classical method of maturation in the sea
Alcohol: 12,00 % vol
Sugar: brut (8 g/L)
Total acidity: 7,5 g/L
Maturation: 7 months, 3-4 years in the sea
Grapevine: 10 fertile buds
Grape sorting: healthy grapes only
Yeast: from the region of Champagne
Doration of production: at least 30 months
Bottling method: machine bottling
Light: avoided in all production phases
Production temperature: 12-13°C
Serving temperature: 6°C
Wine volume: 750 ml
Wine weight: 950 g



Material: “Cork oak bark”
Place of origin: Portugal
Diameter: 29 mm
Height: 49 mm
Colour: light brown
Weight: 3,50 g
Shape: cylindrical



Place of origin: Italy
Material: galvanised iron
Colour: Silver
Height: 43 mm
Width: 40 mm
Weight: 1,57 g





Material: Glass
Colour: black – light green
NET volume: 750 ml
Weight: 850 g
Height: 295 mm
Outer circumference at its thickest end: 300 mm
Outer circumference at its narrowest end: 90 mm


Material: clay-Earthware
Colour: light red-Terakota
Tools: spatula, stick to modeling, wooden plate, paper strip, carousel and skilled hands
Way of working: hand made
Hand work: application and forming
Temperature: 800-1050°C
Mandatory rest: before baking
Finishing work: cooling down, sandblasting & hand repair
Production time: around 17 hours
Place of origin: Brazil & Greece



Height: 545mm
Width: 225mm
Depth: 225mm
Thickness: 5mm
Materials: Poly(methyl 2-methylpropenoate)
Color: Clear – transparent
Glue: Formic acid
Type of salts: Piran salt
Weight salts: 3000g
Color salts: White
Ground: Coarse thick cloth
Processing mode: Manual work


Height: 60mm
Width: 235mm
Depth: 235mm
Sign: silver mask
Caption: silver caption