When selecting business partners, we are particularly demanding because our products are unique are made of the highest quality with an emphasis on manual work and limited quantitiesRogaska 1665 has become our partner as it strives to similar business policy, moreover, it is globally recognized and respected brand. The major part of the success of brand Ugloft belongs to materials as they represent the top quality. Therefore, we became partners and started to use their materials for our products.

Steklarna Rogaška draws its rich knowledge of designing and making crystal ware from almost 350 years of tradition in the area of Trebuša, Pohorje and Kozjansko where the so-called forest glass huts could be found.

In the 18th and the 19th centuries, there were 14 to 17 glass foundries in the Štajerska region and the glassmaking industry was blooming in this area. Unfortunately, the use of coal as fuel for melting glass in the 19th century resulted in gradual extinction of foundries in the traditional glass huts.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the remains of the then glassmaking industry were merged and Viljem Abel, the owner of “Merges Glassmakers” built the glass factory at Sveti Križ, the today’s Steklarna Rogaška, in 1926. It started operating in 1927 and was extremely successful. In the last three decades of the previous century, it achieved great progress and expansion.

It spread, modernised and introduced new hot-processing technologies and thus gradually focused on the production of crystal. It was gaining ground and consequently, the scope of production and offer was increased significantly.

Today’s impact of modern technologies of manufacturing and designing crystal products dictates its own requirements and Steklarna Rogaška adapts its development, design and offer to the demands and requirements of the market which it helps create with years of experience.

With great respect we still foster the manual production of crystal and the tradition of glassmaking skills, which makes our products even more special and raises them at the next level.

Steklarna Rogaška has been a successful exporter of most of its products from the very beginning, especially to the United States of America and Germany. Ever since 1930, our products have been available for sale in the American chain of stores Bloomingdale’s. In the second half of the 20th century, we have become a successful partner and producer for prestigious foreign trademarks, and today, in addition to the above, we are working on further strengthening the role and visibility of our own Slovene brand name Rogaška.