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The ordered products will be delivered according to the price list of our delivery services.
Products can also be picked up at selected stores, arranged in advance, or at the company’s main office.

Before placing an order, it is necessary to check availability and delivery dates by contacting All other questions related to the purchase can be emailed to the above email address. For additional information email

In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), unwanted products, purchased online, can be returned with no reason, within a period consistent with Article 43 of the Consumer Protection Law. Notice of return must be made within 15 days of receipt. Returns must be made within 15 days of making the above notice. Please contact before returning items, where you will receive a refund claim form. Ordered products must be returned undamaged, in the same amount as bought, unused, with all relevant documentation, including the original sales receipt and original packaging, which must be undamaged. The buyer must not use the bought products prior to return. He is only allowed to inspect and test items to the extent that is necessary to see that the product is not suitable. Any other use of bought items is considered as an actual use of products, and thus the buyer does not have the right to withdraw from the contract. The buyer shall be liable for the reduction in the value of products, if the reduction in value results from an act, which was not necessary to establish the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product. In the above case, the seller has the right to reduce the value of the product and the reduced value of the product or the product itself is returned to the customer. Right of return does not apply to used items. The buyer covers all of the potential postage costs. The buyer may, at the return of the ordered products or withdrawal of the contract, request a refund. The seller will, in accordance with the law, refund the purchase price on the buyer’s bank account within 15 days of the return or withdrawal. All other objections, comments, requests, statements or compliments can be emailed to In case the purchase is done by a company, all of the above does not apply and every case is treated individually in accordance with the arrangements and legislation.

Items can be returned, if they do not own characteristics, promised by the seller, if the seller sent the wrong product in the wrong quantity, colour or if the received items otherwise deviate from your order. The buyer can return faulty items within 8 days of purchase and requires immediate replacement of the same, flawless product or claim clerical error, within the prescribed time limit and under the conditions of the procedure of refund due to clerical error. In the event of a complaint, the buyer may, in accordance with regulatory constraints, require replacement, item repair or refund. In the latter case, the seller reserves the right to charge rent for the period when the buyer used the product, but not higher than the amount, which marks the decreased market value of the product due to use. For complaints and all additional information and questions, contact us on

Ugloft products have a lifetime warranty. Each issue must be appropriately accompanied by photograph, video, evidence, etc. Then the parties agree on the next step.

An advisor will contact you in three days after placing an order. Each order is considered individually and the parties agree on details of transport of the made purchase.

Advance payment. Payment by credit card. Cash payment in the company’s main office by prior appointment and completion of all documentation in conformity with the law. Payments can be made to SI56 0288 9026 2095 612, NLB d.d.

Payment by the following credit cards can be made: Visa, MasterCard. Card processing is made by Bankrat Slovenia. We do not offer payment in instalments. In case of suspicion of fraud in payment by credit card, we reserve the right of verification of identity of the person who carried out the transaction and the right of credit card disposal. New online payment systems use secure servers to process the information on the card number and CVV code. Seller has no access to these data. Possibility of credit card abuse is therefore minimal.

Quoted prices apply to default online store payment – bank transfer. For all other types of payment- the system will automatically charge the fee depending on the selected type of payment. The amount will be displayed as ‘fee’ at the checkout.
Payment with Visa and MasterCard – 2.5%
PayPal – 5%
Prices are valid at the time of order.

Prices are valid in the case of payment by the above methods of payment and under the conditions described above.

Among other possibilities in the basket, there is a calculated postage according to the location of delivery. Depending on the location of delivery, you will be offered several options of delivery, showing the costs of delivery. After choosing one of the options, you proceed to checkout. Shopping basket and checkout sites are clear and simple. It is possible to choose between different delivery options, types of payment etc. The checkout is synchronised with chosen payment options. When your order is complete, a temporary confirmation of order will be shown and you will receive order confirmation to your email address.


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