Ugloft is confident in its quality, charm and handmade products. Here you can choose between original exclusive Ugloft products. The products cone with a perpetual warranty. More on the creation and development of DAGNER, d.o.o., and the team behind it can be found at the following links.



The Ugloft team comprises a number of individuals from a variety of fields. Every team member is the best in their field, thereby contributing to the creation of a truly great product. We aim to please, which calls for a high level of creativity and precision, or in other words, top quality. Let each member of our team briefly introduce themselves and their role in the creation of our products.


Company History



Around 4 PM of 1 April 2010, the decision to start a company was made over a cup of coffee with a friend. The very next day, David Seigner and his friend started their first company.

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The first half of 2011 was outstanding, and saw lots of new approaches, customers and experience. The visibility of the company increased to a point where everyone knew the company. We even invented an entirely new promotion approach that is still used by many.

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On the very first business day of 2012, I decided I would not give up. My first objective was to repay all debts, move into new offices and create new revenue. How did I go about that? I borrowed money to obtain new office space. There, I could work in peace, which led to the creation of ANUSHKA. The project was very challenging as I lacked the funds, the manpower and assistance, which was a setback.

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Soon, the project proved to be too challenging to do on my own, but due to bad experiences in the past, I felt unable to trust anyone else. I took a decisive step and slowly formed a team. I exercised great care in the hiring process since I was looking for two things: top professionals in their respective fields and loyalty. Although challenging, the project was also fruitful.

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Ugloft is launched in early 2014 – will we make it or not? We worked hard on the project, the launching date was nearly upon us – then we realised we were not going to make it. The product launch was postponed until late 2014, then amended to early 2015. Currently, the product is scheduled for release in December 2015.

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New arrival to UGLOFT family. We welcomed to the family a new special honey sparkling wine the GHOST. Specially designed for clubs, discotheques and private parties. The GHOST is very well accepted by the market due to its mysterious prestigious appearance. How does honey sparkling wine taste like? Try it!

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The beginning of the year was not very peaceful and quiet, but just the opposite. We received many offers from luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and boutique stores for potential cooperation. Sales network began to expand along with the good name of “Ugloft” family. Since our production is limited, we have selected you among our most luxurious partners. In 2017, you can expect us in elite locations in Belgrade, Budva and Vienna.

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About us

DAGNER director and Ugloft umbrella brand founder started out as a businessman in 2010. He patiently built his company and became better-known and more successful and innovative with each year. His ambition quickly became too much for a single person to take on, leading him to slowly bring together a team. His current team comprises as many as 20 people, all of them specialists in their respective fields. They complement each other, increasing the speed and quality of the development and manufacturing processes.

The first company milestone was the launch of its first product, the ANUSHKA wine, in 2012. The production process is highly challenging and time-intensive. This causes highly limited yearly outputs.

The products belonging to the “Ugloft” umbrella brand are: Unique, original and handmade, made from the finest materials, have limited production, high quality, perpetual warranty and are original.



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