There are not many people who can make a great sparkling wine. When it comes to mead, there are even fewer. In this area, we are unique. The process begins with emptying the beehive. The honey is collected through a coarse woven silk and cooled. It is slowly and carefully poured it inside a frozen barrel. ⅔ of clear spring water is added. The last part of the first step is the addition of yeast from the province of Champagne-Ardenne. In the second step the barrel rests in a chilled, dark and dry cellar, and fermentation occurs. Light must not under any circumstances enter the room. We leave the barrel in the cellar for almost a year and we turn it for 90 degrees up to 50 times. The third step is the second fermentation in the bottle, known as Méthode Classique, which occurs by adding the yeast once again. Our special French yeasts are purchased from the oldest manufacturer of yeasts from the province Champagne-Ardenne. The bottle is sealed with a stopper and stored. The cellar is at a constant temperature and humidity. For the last 15 weeks, the bottle is being turned once per day, this process is called »Remuage« or riddling. There is no mass production. When GHOST gets the prospective owner, we start the final step. We get the bottle, gently wash it with sea salt, and put it at room temperature for 24 hours. The neck of the bottle is then deep-frozen. At that point, we remove the wine stopper, and the pressure in the bottle gently pushes the yeast out of the bottle. We close the bottle with a cork and then wash it thoroughly. We put the bottle in the cellar again for 48 hours. Ghost is then ready for packaging. After being thoroughly inspected the bottle is finally delivered into the hands of satisfied costumer. In the very description of the process we have concealed certain details, which remain a family secret.