When the last grapes are to be picked, we leave that task to Raffael, as Raffael has feeling in his hands, a true love for the last grapes on the vine. The hand-picked grapes are stored separately from the rest. Raffael carefully performs the process of removing the grapes from the bunch and mashing them. Then he cools everything to 3 degrees Celsius and allows it to rest. The pressing according to an old recipe from the forefathers with simple natural farming devices follows.

Here Patrik takes over, as a true expert of making sparkling wine. When the first 6 months of fermentation in the barrel with the best yeast from the lovely Champagne region are over, it is time for step two. Patrik precisely pours the wine into bottles, adds yeast and seals them with a crown cork, this is the second brewing procedure in the bottle itself; the method originates in France and is called the classical method. To enhance our product and make it unique, rare, tasteful, we have decided to transfer the second fermentation also into the sea. Bonifaz, a man of ideas and crafts, fashions a lay amphora from the best clay, which he bakes at +1000 degrees Celsius in an old beech wood stove. Each bottle is placed inside an amphora with an especially precise technique and then each one is submerged to the depth of 30metres in the Adriatic Sea, where the constant temperature is 12 degrees Celsius. With the help of nature, the waves and the sea, each bottle and amphora receives a unique visual seal of limestone and sea shells. The wine itself tastes like.…try it out for yourself, we believe there are no words to describe it. After three years the amphorae are lifted from the lively sea and each time we are surprised by what nature can create. We begin with the process of removing the yeast, with the classical freezing of the bottle neck and removal of the crown cork. The amphorae are again submerged into the sea for the process of ageing. Fermentation in the conditions of the sea, 30 metres of depth, wax, lay, skilful hands and 12 to 1000 degrees are our assets, which make us different, which is why this is RP&B.

Treat yourself to it on special occasions, as RP&B carries a soul.